Subdivision Plotting
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Subdivision Plotting

Subdivision Plotting

Subdivision plotting is the process of dividing a larger piece of land into several smaller pieces. In general, this plan is drawn to be used for smaller land segregation. These lands are often built before being sold, often by the same builder, giving the appearance that many are familiar with a subdivision with many houses of similar design, each on a separate plot of land.

Usually, the creation of a subdivision plan is done by a surveyor who has been hired by the owner and / or developer, who will be building on the ground once approved the plan. This may be the original owner of the land, or a sole proprietor, who has purchased the land strictly for development.

The plan is completed when the divisions of the piece of land are presented, and also shows the distance and bearing from every corner of the land. In modern subdivisions, these maps can also include new roads between the sections of land, where there was none before. Cadastral maps help expose all the properties that have access to a public road. Without this access, a landowner could not access their land without crossing through the property of others. The subdivision plan process ensures that this does not happen.
The subdivision plans also include the cancellation of part of the property easements, parks, areas needed for flood protection, or other public uses. Subdivisions that have been platted have to properly comply with zoning regulations, which often restrict batch sizes or geometry of the lot.

For the plot to become legalized, a valid/local Permit Office must review and approve the level of segregation. This board will ensure the follow-up of segregation laws and all applicable restrictions.

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