As-Built Survey
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As-Built Survey

As-Built Survey

The As-Built surveying can be used for commercial or residential properties. It is essential in the construction industry from the planning stage to the actual construction and even future maintenance plans. A construction project begins with a site plan and plot plan, which incorporates all the conditions already implemented on a given site.

As-Built surveying takes place several times throughout the duration of a construction project. The frequency and number of surveying performed depends on the scope of the construction project. The purpose of an As-Built surveying is to ensure that authorized construction jobs are completed according to the same specifications stated in the planning phase and as are shown on the site plan. The As-Built surveying is most often used in order to show the inspector that a project under construction is following state regulations. It may be required for any type of project being it land-based, roads and improvements in public services and /or building construction.

As-Built surveying can be used to provide evidence of what has been completed to a specific date or coordinate payments to contractors, for example. They are often used to verify floor plans and evacuation plans, public services and utilities plans, or other subsequent stages of construction.

Our company offers this service to engineers, architects and the construction industry in general.

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